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Proving Tupac is alive!

More info.!

About Tupac, n y he faked his death!!!4 REAL
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Pix and basic/ str8 forward info on 2pac!
More info.!
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Here r sum mor facts n wierd stuff...

Facts 1

7! Tupacs number! He was 25 wen he died (2+5=7) in a video of his he goes into waiting room 7! He died at 4:03 (4+3=7) on the clock in one of his videos the time reads 4:03 (4+3=7)! it all adds up!!! Tupac was shot on the 7th of september and was in hospital 7 days before he died!!!I think Tupac will be bk this year, this year is 2005 (2+5=7) He is turning 34 this year (3+4=7) I worked that last one out myself :D:D:D:D


Facts 2

When tupac "died" he had an autopsy, even though he was "cremated" 24 hours after he died! dat aint long anough and if u look at the autopsy on another page, look closely and u will c that it aint rele him and that he looks like he has been dead too long for it being just 24 hours!!!The day Tupac was "shot" was the one day he didnt wear a bullet proof vest! This was to make out he is able to be shot! How did anyone know he wasnt wear it??


By Kez
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