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Proving Tupac is alive!

Pix and basic/ str8 forward info on 2pac!

About Tupac, n y he faked his death!!!4 REAL
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Pix and basic/ str8 forward info on 2pac!
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Here r sum pix of Tupac dat ive picked up from different places!


Lookin fresh

Tupac was and still is one of the best rappers/singers going!


2Pac 4EVA!!!

Tupac suposidly died in 1996 by gettin shot 5 times, there was NO hard evidence!!!


2Pac, came bk out under the name of Makaveli!

Tupac faked his death as a get rich quick, get out of limelight scheme!!


Lookin gooood:p

2Pac was wanted dead coz he was envied for bein gr8 and such a success!!2Pac's biggest rival was Biggie!

By Kez
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