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Proving Tupac is alive!

About Tupac, n y he faked his death!!!4 REAL

About Tupac, n y he faked his death!!!4 REAL
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This is da real stuff where u will know bout y Tupac faked his death!!!This is proof he is alive!

Tupac didnt like being in the limelight all the time, he didnt enjoy the media attention and always having people around him and not being able to enjoy his own life! Although he didnt like all this he liked the fact that he had money and could have everything he wanted! Tupac was wanted dead by some people because they were jealous of him, so what better thing to do than "end his own life"?Biggie died not too long after Tupac "died"!As we all should know, they were a huge threat to each other and in order to stop biggie becoming greater than Tupac, he was Tupac?!?!?!Tupac will have a chance to become even greater when the world realise he is ALIVE!!!

Tupac didnt want 2 die altogether because he did enjoy getting the money and things he enjoyed so he faked a death, this way he would mingle out of the media and being killed by rivals! He would still get money from the songs he sold! Tupac made out he was shot 5 times. After the shooting there were hardly any suspects and they werent deeply questioned about Tupacs death although you would think that someone so famous would have people looking for their killer untill they are found! Tupac was suposidly cremated the day after he was killed, but everyone knows it takes longer than 24hours for an autopsy!

Sorry but somethings not right!


This autopsy doesn't look quite right, normally the face would be pointing upwards but for some reason this one is pointing away!:s (perhaps to hide the real identity?)

During the time Tupac was in hosptial no photos were taken for proof he was there or how bad his injuries were, he was there 7 days and died on the Friday 13th September! The car in which Tupac was riding was driven by Suge Knight (executive producer of death row records) he didnt show up for any questioning about the shooting!

Just a few days after Tupac died another of his songs was released. This song was "i aint mad at ya" the video of the song shows Tupac as an angel and he was shot after leaving the theatre with a friend! (sound familier?)He dies in this video, which was the last to be released under the name of Tupac! The next song "toss it up" was released under the name Makaveli! (This is who Tupac came out as!)

There were more videos that came out under the name Makaveli. Tupac was in these videos but how could they have been shot when Tupac is DEAD???? In another video under Makaveli there is his grave with a cracked headstone and a hole infront, inferring he rose from the dead!!!Tupac always wore a bulletproof vest, no matter where he went, but co-incidently on the day it wasnt worn, he was shot :sTupac was always rapping about how he wanted to be buried so why was he "cremated"???

By Kez
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